My name is Aleksander Sinyansky. I am the professional business adviser in food industry. In the past I was a Russian top manager with unique management experience in twelve different food enterprises. Now I am the owner of a food consulting company that helps on food markets of Russia, CIS and Caucasus, solve various buisness problems and tasks. My business circle includes food business owners more from 200 countries of the World.

For many years I have not only been managing, but also learning from my colleagues: managers, food technologists, owners. Having learnt the best practices and approaches from those food companies, now I can offer the most optimal, effective and unique combinations of various business solutions to my clients. Firstly, these business solutions will have a positive result in 99% of cases, and, secondly, they help to achieve results as quickly as possible. And of course I always adhere to my principles - honesty, openness, decency, professionalism.

Since I communicate with colleagues and clients from the food business from many countries of the World, for your comfort and convenience, my website has the ability to switch to several languages. Please welcome to my website to get more information about the Russian food market and how can I be helpful to you.

"I am not the best food expert in Russia,
but it is very unlikely you will find someone better than me!"

About me

For more than 20 years I have been working in food industry. Operational management of production, procurement, logistics, sales, foreign trade activity, personnel, marketing, IT, finance, engineering, legal services and security services.

I have managed 12 different food facilities. Fish and caviar processing, butchery, sausage production, canned food, confectionery, frozen convenience foods, frozen vegetables, meat and fish branded stores, delicatessen shops, a network of canteens, food consulting services.

3 of which produce the most premium brands food in their segments in Russia.

I have experience in 6 types of business - processing, wholesale trade, international trade, retail, outsourcing, consalting.

I have worked in compliance with 7 standards - ISO, HACCP, TPM, JIT, SMART, LEAN, Kaidzen.

I have worked in 9 cities and regions of Russia including Moscow, Sochi, Irkutsk, Omsk, Khabarovsk, Salekhard, Yakutsk, Vladivostok, the Crimea.

I have managed 3 types of structures – a holding, a subsidiary, food company.

Personal and Business contacts with food businessman from more200 countries.

Business Book Author "Your First 50 Right Steps to Enter Russian Food Market".

Who are my services for?

Foreign food companies and foreign owners of food businesses who are already operating on Russian market. Who need professional independent support and assistance.

Foreign food companies who are just planning to enter the Russian food market, as well as food markets CIS countries and Caucasian.

Foreign Investors who plan to buy or invest to food business in Russia.

Foreign food franchise owners who would like to develop their franchise in Russia.

Foreign companies who are interested in an analytical report on specific types of food on the Russian market.

Foreign companies who want to participate in the Russian food expo or want to organize their own fair of their food products in Russia.

Foreign companies that would like to start selling their products on Russian online marketplaces.

Foreign consulting companies who need support for their clients' on the Russian food market.

And of course, everyone involved in the food industry around the all World. Who just needs my advice, comment or my person opinion regarding the Russian food market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work for a commission or a percentage?

No, I don’t work for a commission or a percentage!!! In contrast to the whole world, this is not accepted in Russia. Therefore, in Russia there are no food agents. All my services have a specific price, which is indicated in the description of this service. If you are not satisfied with my terms of payment, I am deeply sorry,  I can’t help you.

How much your services cost?

I have different services and their pricing is different. Some services will cost 350 €, others – 5000 €. Everything is negotiable and tailored individually with each client. Each month I choose a customer and provide my services free of charge. Why? Because, I’m sure, needs to do good things in life and help others.

How are your services arranged?

Initially, we sign a official contract where we stipulate responsibilities of each party. Payments are transferred into my bank account. When the project is completed, I provide you with all documents necessary for your accounting department.

Why are there no clients on the website?

The reason for that is simple. Most of my services relate to problem solving. I get involved when the company is in the “dead end” and everything is very bad. I think no one wants to be proud of the fact that their company has problems. That is why I never talk about my clients.

If you need, before concluding a contract with me, I can give you direct contacts of business owners who worked with me. These owners themselves suggested confirm my skills and experience on the Russian food market.

You have so many services, are you an expert in each of these areas?

Yes, all of my current “services” used to be my everyday job responsibilities. Nevertheless, I fully understand that there is no word “I” in food production, there is the word “we” that matters and a team that wins, so I work with a team of experts. How good are they? You have read about me, haven’t you? My experience is quite good, isn’t it? Every expert of my team is even better than me in their field of work.

Why is there no telephone number or e-mail on the website?

Firstly, it is because I work across the country in different time zones. When it is 10 am at your place and you decided to call me, it can be 11 pm at my place. Secondly, when I work on a new project with a client, I do not take phone calls as I am fully concentrated on the client’s issues.

E-mail is not indicated because of a large amount of spam, which is now in the Internet. I do not want your letter to me to get lost in the junk or spam mail.

There is a feedback form on my website, so, please, contact me via this form. I will surely reply to you and send you the contacts you can use to quickly get in touch with me.

Do you do webinars or deliver lectures?

Yes, I give lectures and participate in forums and webinars. My clients are not only businessmen and food companies from Russia, but also from another more 240 countries of the World.

Also I am the author of the only book in the world in English about how foreign companies enter the Russian food market, not make mistakes and not lose money. Therefore, I am periodically invited by my foreign colleagues and business partners to speak at events related to the food industry that are held in their countries.


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