Business tours and business missions to Russian food market. Brief introduction.

Dear sir/madam.

My name is Aleksander Sinyansky and I am a unique specialist in the Russian food industry. I used to work as a top manager for diverse Russian food business for 19 years in total. A couple of years ago I started my own company that helps foreign companies to enter the Russian food market without making mistakes or losing money. My clients are business owners who want to enter the Russian market, but many of them have never been to Russia. So, they know about Russia only from mass media or films.

I do not offer you a trip to Russia to take part in an exhibition or in an excursion to famous attractions. You can do that yourself, there are many websites on the Internet that offer you individual and customized tours to Russia.

I offer you something that no travel agency can not offer because they do not have my connections or experience in the Russian food industry.

I offer you a unique journey to get to know the Russian food market and the segments you need. Depending on the type of food business you are involved in, I will choose the most suitable Russian region for you (out of 85), arrange meetings with representatives of food businesses in that region, with potential suppliers of raw materials and buyers, I will show you food production facilities and factories you are interested in. I will introduce you to the owners of food businesses that are being sold in that region. Moreover, I will even arrange a meeting with a representative of the government of that region, so that you can make both personal and business contacts at the highest level.

Both you and I are involved in food industry, so I understand perfectly well what you need to get from such a business travel.

You will spend your time in Russia as efficiently as possible and will get as many good business contacts and reliable business connections as possible. You just need to have a visa for a trip to Russia, the rest I can do for you.

After the work is done, of course, I can take you for a tour around and show you the most beautiful sights of Russia. But business always goes first.

To immediately answer your very first question – how much does it cost? – I have to say that each tour is calculated individually and only according to your requests. You need to tell me first what you want to get from this trip to Russia and how much time you have. Then, I will offer you three options for your travel and you will choose the one that suits your needs and budget most. After your preferences are set we sign a formal contract.

I am always ready to answer in detail to all your questions. Write to me via the feedback form in the contacts section of my website.

Warm regards
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on the Russian Food Market.

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