Some more about me :-)


In this section of my website I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself, something that only my closest friends know. Of course, this website contains a lot of information about me, but it is all about my professional experience and skills. Here I will tell you some facts about myself as a person.

So, let us take a closer look:

– First, I have a wife and daughter. My daughter’s name is Mira, this name exists in 27 cultures. For every nation this name has a different meaning. For example, in Japan it means “the treasure of the future”. In Arab countries the name has two meanings, as a short form of the name Amira – “princess” and it also means “food”.

– I also have got a cat, his name is “2509”, my wife and I found him in the winter when we lived above the Arctic Circle. At that time, we worked very hard could not think of a good name for him. Therefore, he has just an inventory number as it is recorded in his passport.

– For my whole life I have been involved in food and food industry, but I do not have a relevant education though I graduated from two universities.

– For more than 15 years I have been professionally engaged in professional sport (powerlifting) and I am the champion of my region.

– Over the past few years I have lost more than 50 kg and now I’m into running. My first target is to run a marathon.

– I have not been watching TV for more than 10 years.

– I try do not use a smartphone, I have Nokia 6700, which is probably more than 12 years old, and I like it.

– I like reading books very much. I usually read a book of 200-300 pages at a time.

– I like cooking and collecting old books with recipes.

– My dad, like all the man in my family on the paternal side, worked for the military. I am the first who decide not to build a career in the army. Although the first university I graduated from was a military one.

– My mother is a foreign language teacher by education, but all her life she worked a social worker. She helped people with disabilities, pensioners, veterans and the poor.

– I like learning different foreign languages. I used to speak 6 different languages. Unfortunately, due to lack of practice, languages get forgotten.

“Aleksander, how have you decided to become a business adviser for food business owners?”
This happened long before I started my private practice. In my whole career I was always hired directly by business owners. Owners of food businesses usually have friends who also have food businesses, but in different market segments. Knowing my diverse experience in the food industry, my employers asked me to help their friends with certain business issues.

For some of them I came to their workshops to show how to properly cut fish fillets, or showed errors in budgets, or explained and showed how to properly set up labor safety processes in the company, or showed how their hired managers and directors steal from them, or redesigned packaging to avoid returns from clients and customers, or organized logistics of food products to places everyone considered to be impossible, or opened brand stores that immediately, not in a year or two, made profits.

This went on for many years until at some point I realized that there are many food business owners in the world who need real help. Not help of a hired manager that works only for money but help from a person that can come and solve their business problems in a short period of time.

If in a global food industry a business adviser is quite a common job, in Russia this is still a novelty. All over the world, such business advisers are contacted in advance, before problems arise, but in Russia, unfortunately, 99% of my clients request my services only when there are serious problems in the company.

When requesting services from a consulting company, you never know what kind of experience employees of this company have. Perhaps, your own current employees are more qualified, and you just lose money and will not get a desired result by hiring a third-party company. Therefore, on my website you can read my resume and decide for yourself whether my experience meets your needs and whether I can complete your tasks.

So, since 2015, I stopped being a hired top manager and became been engaged in private practice. Providing food consulting services to business owners as professional Business Adviser on Russian food market…

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