Digital ruble – launch in Russia very soon.


(September 12, 2022)

Digital ruble – launch in Russia very soon.

Since 2020, rumors have often circulated in Russia that a digital ruble will be launched. In 2021, the Central Bank of Russia began to say that a digital ruble would be launched soon, but many Russians were very skeptical about this information, including myself.

But last week, two banks where I have accounts in Russia offered me to test the use of not just a digital ruble, but even the purchase of digital products on the Internet for such digital rubles. And I can say that it was very easy and fast.

It is very important for me to draw your attention, dear colleagues, that the digital ruble is not a cryptocurrency (which is banned in Russia and is not recognized by Russian banks). The digital ruble is a third form of the ruble, not a new digital currency.

Now in Russia there is cash, without cash (online bank transfer) and now there will be digital money. The digital ruble will be equal to 1 ordinary ruble and its reliability will be provided by the Central Bank of Russia. The digital ruble can be used both with and without the Internet. Can be used by both individuals and companies. The official digital ruble is planned to be launched in Russia by the end of 2022

But the most important thing is that I want to draw the attention of dear colleagues that the digital ruble will become the official payment for foreign partners. Payments will be processed instantly
and the digital ruble can be used WITHOUT using SWIFT.

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