In Belarus a ban on increasing food prices is being introduced.

(October 7, 2022)
In Belarus (a country from the list of CIS countries),

a ban on increasing food prices is being introduced.

It is also forbidden to close companies (food stores, bars, restaurants, etc.) and go bankrupt. This decision was made personally by the President of Belarus, Mr. Lukashenko. The ban was introduced unexpectedly from 6 October. Punishment is prison.

Advice from me, to foreign companies that supply food and beverages to Belarus, have buyers and clients in Belarus, or use the customs of Belarus to export to Russia, be aware that now your customers will not be able to accept if you increase the price. Therefore, I recommend thinking in advance how you can prevent the price of your products from rising for the Belarusian market.

But for those foreign companies who, on the contrary, buy food and food raw materials in Belarus, keep in mind that your suppliers from Belarus do not have the right to raise prices for you. And according to the instructions of President Mr. Lukashenko, on the contrary, they should reduce the price.

Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Food Markets
of Russia, CIS and Caucasus

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