Mushrooms on the Russian food market. Are there opportunities?

(September 30, 2022)

Mushrooms on the Russian food market.

Are there opportunities?

Now in Russia it is autumn and this is the main time to harvest mushrooms. Historically, mushrooms are part of Russian cuisine and Russian food culture.

Mushrooms can be bought in absolutely any Russian food stores. But real mushroom lovers in Russia go to the forest themselves and pick mushrooms in order to stock up at home for the whole long winter.

The main favorite mushrooms in Russia are, of course, wild mushrooms – white mushroom, boletus, chanterelles, russula, milk mushrooms, etc. And other mushrooms, the translation of the name of which from Russian into English, I could not find now even in Google translator.

Of course, in Russia there are also farm mushrooms – champignons and oyster mushrooms. This is a fairly new branch of agribusiness in Russia, but quite popular. Since 99% of fresh mushrooms in Russian food stores, these are champignons and oyster mushrooms.

In order to develop and stimulate mushroom farming, even a 20% income tax has been abolished. Now if you grow mushrooms in Russia you will pay 0% income tax.

Are there not very popular mushrooms in Russia? Yes, it is, for example, shiitake or truffles. Ordinary Russian people do not understand the taste of these mushrooms, so of course there are such mushrooms on the Russian market, but their sales are very small.

Are there opportunities in the food “mushroom” market in Russia? Yes, without doubts . The most popular options are pickled, frozen and dried mushrooms. If you can supply fresh mushrooms, that will no doubt be very interesting as well.

Also, any food “with mushrooms” in the composition will also be interesting, as it will inspire confidence among Russian buyers.

If you have questions about whether your type of mushroom will be interesting in Russia, you can write to me, I will definitely tell you in more detail and share my knowledge.

Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Food Markets
of Russia, CIS and Caucasus

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