What is the most necessary thing for the food industry in Russia now?


(September 2, 2022)

What is the most necessary thing for the food industry in Russia now?

What is most in demand for export to Russia for the food industry? As an expert on the Russian food market, I can give a very simple answer – now everything related to food packaging is in demand in Russia.

I specially took a photo for you from an ordinary Russian store, where oat milk from the same manufacturer is on the shelf. On the right, packaging made “before the situation in Ukraine”, on the left, “packaging from the new real life in Russia.”

Packaging manufacturers in Russia always tried to use the best paints, they were mainly from Finland, Germany, Italy. Now these paints are not available for packaging manufacturers in Russia.

Unfortunately, the situation is the same with other types of packaging – thermal checks for scales in food stores, films for flexible food packaging, etc.

Packaging, namely high-quality packaging for the food industry, is now the most interesting product on the Russian food market. Therefore, if you are involved in this business, you have a good chance to take a free place in the packaging market in Russia.

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Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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