Introduction, description, content and some my comments about this book.

The official worldwide sales of my book began on September 12, 2019. I am very proud and it was a great honor for me that on this day I was able to present copies of my book to the ministers of 25 countries with which I am somehow acquainted. While politicians are engaged in politics, I am engaged only in the food industry. Therefore, I hope my book will help companies in these countries understand how to work with Russia, not to make mistakes and not lose money.”

“Your First 50 Right Steps to Enter the Russian Food Market”

Introduction, description, content and some my comments about this book.

Russia. 2019.

Russia has been and remains a very attractive market for many foreign companies. Someone just wants to find a distributor, someone wants to directly supply their goods to grocery chains of Russia, and someone wants to open their business in Russia.

My name is Aleksander Sinyansky. I am Russian and I am a unique food industry and food market expert in Russia. In this book I will share with you how to enter the Russian food market correctly, without making mistakes or losing money. Using these steps, you will be able to enter the Russian food market without intermediaries and you will not have to spend millions of dollars on this.

Each step was initially a question that I was asked by people in my profession network. So, there is no theory, only practical advice on the most important issues. You can read the steps in any order. Each step is devoted to its own topic, only some of them complement each other and provide more details on the most important business processes in the Russian food market. All steps are written in a style which I use to speak in Russian. However, the book has several steps adapted for English speakers. This is done on purpose and out of respect to people who asked the questions discussed in those steps.

In this book you will learn about the main Russian customs, as well as the main mistakes that most foreign companies make on the Russian food market and how to avoid these mistakes. What websites should you use to find the information you need? In which Russian regions is it better to open a business? Which regions are better to avoid? How to promote and develop your franchise in Russia? How to develop e-commerce? What social networks to use for the development of your business in Russia and which social networks are not at all popular in Russia? I will even tell you and explain to you how to start a business in Russia remotely without spending much money on it. I will be repeating some important things and thoughts several times, so that you can definitely remember them and pay special attention to their importance.

Do not be afraid of the Russian market. Working in Russia is very simple and profitable. Being an expert in food industry, I have addressed my book to people involved in food. However, I am sure that everyone else will find many answers to their questions about doing business with Russia and in Russia.

To understand the Russian market, you have to be born and brought up in Russia. You can read a lot of books about Russia, but you will never understand Russians. Therefore, do not waste your time, just work in Russia and do not try to understand it. Read my book, use the steps and you will surely succeed on the Russian food market.

And also I want to say thanks to my wife Ira, without her this book would not have been published. It was Ira who corrected all my mistakes in this book and helped translate into good English. I want to tell you Ira that I love you very much and thank you very much for our daughter Mira.

After release, my book was selling for $25, which means 50 cents for each step. But after the global pandemic began, I decided to stop selling my book, and just post it free for everyone on my website. So that everyone in the World, can read and get the information they need about the Russian food market for free. I will step by step post each new chapter on my website, and also add my new author’s comments so that the information is most relevant to you


Warm regards 

Aleksander Sinyansky

Business Adviser on Russian Food Market  



Introduction, description, content and some my comments about this book.

Step # 1 – “If you have some friends need our products please let me know”

Step # 2 – “Look at you products and website by the eyes of a Russian”

Step № 3 – “Do not offer commission!”

Step № 4 – “Learn and research about your future competitors”

Step № 5 – “Assess potential obstacles”

Step № 6 – “The most critical MUST-DO: localize and translate your food business into the Russian language”

Step № 7 – “This is a step for business women and about women”

Step № 8 – “Research local preferences”

Step № 9 – “Do everything only according to the law”

Step № 10 – “Corruption and crime”

Step № 11 – “Russian mentality. Do not even try to understand”

Step № 12 – “We are looking for a food distributor in Russia! Just one exclusive distributor!”

Step № 13 – “Who is your customer in Russia? Can you describe in details?”

Step № 14 – “Why you need to have a website in the Russian language if you want to work with Russia”

Step № 15 – “Learn 3 main Russian food traditions”

Step № 16 – “Taxes and duties in Russia”

Step № 17 – “Where to find good employees in Russia?”

Step № 18 – “Do you think Moscow is the best location for business? Not always”

Step № 19 – “Always collect all the information about your Russian partners”

Step № 20 – “Major religions in Russia. What for? Of course, for business”.

Step № 21 – “GMO food, organic food and food additives”

Step № 22 – “Participation in specialized food exhibitions in Russia”

Step № 23 – “How to properly prepare for food exhibition in Russia?”

Step № 24 – “Who are your potential clients in Russia?

Step № 25 – “What should you do after a food exhibition in Russia?”

Step № 26 – “Russian social networks”

Step № 27 – “Do you want to have a Russian business partner? Spoiler – No!”

Step № 28 – “Before entering the Russian food market, you MUST have a business plan and a backup plan”

Step № 29 – “Forget about these three phrases. Part 1 – Give us references on your work”

Step № 30 – “Forget about these three phrases. Part 2 – Advance payment and a letter of credit”

Step № 31 – “How to start your food business in Russia? I recommend business travel”

Step № 32 – “Opening a Russian legal entity (LLC and JSC)”

Step № 33 – “Open a joint venture or buy a stake in a Russian business”

Step № 34 – “Opening a branch or a representative office of your company in Russia”

Step № 35 – “Sport in Russia. What for? For food business of course”

Step № 36 – “Advertising food in Russia. The main things you need to know”

Step № 37 – “CIS and the Eurasian Customs Union. What for? To enter the Russian food market”

Step № 38 – “Vegetarianism and food products for vegetarians in Russia”

Step № 39 – “Premium food products market in Russia. Know its peculiarities and do not make mistakes”

Step № 40 – “Documents required to trade food in in Russia”

Step № 41 – “Are you thinking of selling your food franchise to Russia? Good idea!”

Step № 42 – “Are you selling your business? Sell it to buyers from Russian”

Step № 43 – “Memorize the main governmental websites necessary for food market in Russia”

Step № 44 – “How a foreigner can find a job in Russia?”

Step № 45 – “Resort Cities in Russia. What for? For business of course”

Step № 46 – “How to find a distributor or buyer for FREE in the food market of Russia”

Step № 47 – “Holidays and days off in Russia. What for? Of course for business”

Step № 48 – “E-commerce in Russia”

Step № 49 – “Start your food business in Russia remotely and manage all processes without problems”

Step № 50 – “How to resolve complaints and disputes on the Russian food market”

Step № 51 – “So Alexander, how can I enter the Russian food market?”

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