Your Personal Business Adviser on the Russian Food Market.

For foreign food companies who are already working on the Russian food market

“Food business adviser” – this is my main service in Russia, with this service my own business began. And I am proud that I am the only one professional business adviser for food business owners in Russia.

Advising to owners on managerial decisions is a very frequent my service. Many of my clients initially asked me to make an analysis of their businesses, but in most cases that analysis evolved into mentoring and advising. Business owners took the decision to continue their cooperation with me to grow the business further because they needed my external perspective, my in-depth expertise and my support of a “true friend”.

With growing competition in the market many business owners understand that the status quo of their company is no longer good enough to be successful, so they approach me to learn how to be the best. I explain and demonstrate what needs to be done and what should be avoided. I share the best practices in each type of the business.

I offer solutions for specific situations and let my clients know how the same issues would be dealt with in other food companies. I advise absolutely everything related to the Russian food industry.

If you are already working on the Russian food market or just planning to start, you probably have a lot of questions about Russia and how to do food business in Russia. I know the answers to all your questions. For more than 16 years of work as a top manager in the Russian food market in Russia I have done everything in food industry.

Do you want to buy an operating food business in Russia? Do you need to find new employees or dismiss current Russian top managers? Do you need to find out if people in your company are stealing or not? Do you want to increase incomes and reduce costs? Do you want to develop a new food product and launch it on the Russian food market? Do you want to receive state subsidies for your business in Russia? I know answers to these and hundreds of other questions. 7 days a week, without days off or holidays, 18 hours a day, I am in touch to help you and solve your problems on the Russian food market.

Price: from 1500 Euro per month.
Method of payment: 100% prepayment into a bank account or Pay Pal. An official contract is to be signed before any work is started.

You can also hire me for a one-time task. For example, to negotiate with your Russian partners, to conduct an audit of your business in Russia, to find a new top manager for you or dismiss existing ones, to solve a personal or private issue for you.

Contact me at any time. I never use such phrases as “I can’t”, “I don’t know”, “I have no time”.

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