Personal business adviser to foreign food company who already working in Russia. 

My service “Personal business adviser to foreign food company who already working in Russia” is for those foreign food companies or foreign food owners who have been operating in the Russian market for a long time. Who has long understood that Russia and Russian people can be loved or not loved, but it is not possible to understand. The principles of doing business in Russia are completely different than in the whole world, the attitude of Russian employees to work is different than in the whole world.

From my own experience, I can say that no matter how long a foreign company has been operating in Russia or how many years you have been the owner of a food company in Russia, you would still always think that “Russians steal and work poorly.” I can say that you are partly right, but not 100%, there are a lot of good and honest employees in Russia. Who will develop your business and think only about the profit of your company and you as an owner.

The more a foreign food company works in Russia, the more questions and, unfortunately, various problems. I know answers to all your questions about Russian food market and hundreds of other questions. For more than 19 years of work on the Russian food market,  I have almost done everything in Russian food industry.

This my service “Your personal Business Adviser on the Russian food market”includes not only all the my services you read about earlier here on my website, but also all the possible ones that you may need in Russia. My 19 years Russian food experience and skills in management production, procurement, logistics, sales, foreign trade activity, personnel, marketing, IT, finance, engineering, legal services, security services all this will help you. 6 days a week, without days off or holidays, 10 hours a day, I am in touch to help you, assist  and solve your all problems on the Russian food market.

You may be asking “Why Aleksander you better than my Russian managers?” Firstly, not one person in Russia has such a diverse experience as I have in the food industry. Secondly, unlike your Russian managers, I am not interested in a career in your company, new positions and bonuses. I work only for the interests of the Owner of the company and for the profit of the whole your company.

Price : from 1500  ( € ) euro or equivalent in rubles per month. And of course, I will provide all the necessary documents for your accounting department in Russia
Terms: an official contract is to be signed before any work is started.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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