Dismissing top managers at your Russian food business. Calmly and only by law.

My service “Dismissing top managers at your Russian food business”  is one of the most frequently requested services. There are three types of owners who may need this service.

Firstly, these are business owners who have hired a top manager and delegated him/her so much authority that the top manager has started to make decisions only a business owner should make or has started to ignore the owner’s requests or deadlines.

Secondly, these are business owners who have promised a golden parachute to their top managers, but because of different reasons do not wish to pay it now.

Finally, these are business owners who have become friends with their top managers, so now they face a moral dilemma – to lose a friend or to lose a company.

This is the most common category with whom I work, because to my regret, very often Russian managers steal from foreign companies and think more about their personal benefit than about the company’s profit.

After reading all this, you can say: “Aleksander! But we have both a personnel service and a security service, can we fire ourselves or find “for what”? Why then you?” The top manager of your company is the keeper of the secrets and secrets of your company, who knows the strengths and weaknesses of your company, he is part of your current business.

Also, do not forget that a “smart” top manager can organize the same company and take your market share from you, so you need to part with him very competently and carefully. To speak with such a person should be equal in experience and skills: the one whom he “listens and hears” and, leaving the company, does not carry anger or resentment in his heart. In this way, you as the owner will keep your company safer.

That’s why food business owners hire me to say goodbye to their top managers. Professionally, I am the “equal” to your top manager, I have the same “hired manager” status as he does. But I do not feel any moral attachment to this employee and, at a minimum, I can offer you several options for dismissal, and you yourself choose which one will be more to your liking and more comfortable from a moral point of view.

How much does it cost? Considering that this is a very delicate service, the prices are of course always individual. Sometimes I can do it in an hour and a half, sometimes it takes several weeks or months. But in any case, this is always a clear and specific preparation, with a deep comprehensive analysis of all the work of your top manager.

The minimum price for the service “Firing your top manager” is from 350 euros. In the simplest case, and from 1000 euro  in the “standard” case. In more “complicated” cases, we discuss individually. As a customer, you can choose the most suitable option for you from the ones I proposed or entrust me to do all the “dirty work”.

In any case, before starting work, we conclude and sign an agreement. Where we determine all the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the deadlines for completing your tasks.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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