Comprehensive analysis of all divisions of your food business in Russia.

“Comprehensive analysis of all divisions of your food business/company” is my favourite service. As you may have read on my website, I am an expert with unique experience in the Russian food industry. A person who has personal experience in leadership as a small top manager in twelve different food enterprises and work with more than a several dozen food companies as a food consultant. As a hired top manager, I personally managed – production, purchasing, wholesale and retail sales, logistics, marketing, engineering, finance, personnel, new product and packaging development, legal issues, IT department, security issues, international department, outsourcing and consulting .

When I analyzing your food business,  I look at the situation from different perspectives – both your managers and employees.  I find bottlenecks and transform them into your strengths. I explain what each department and employee can achieve, what changes can be made, and what impact the changes will have. I help to build a system that ensures smooth and efficient interaction and feedback between all the departments in the company.

In the end, you get a report with clear recommendations understanding of your food business weaknesses, strengths and outlooks. With analysis, my comments and recommendations to correcting all problems in your food business. You, as the customer, choose the improvement methods you prefer and either start implementing them yourself, or you can delegate the implementation to me.

Price – from 1500 euros
Time  – average time from 1-2 weeks. And depends on how deep analysis you want to get.

Warm Regards
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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