Development of a customize step-by-step strategy to enter the Russian food market.

My service – “Development of a customize step-by-step strategy to enter the Russian food market”,  this service is suitable for those foreign food companies who have already tried to enter the Russian food market, but have not been successful. And also for foreign food companies who are interested in working on the Russian food market for a long time and only profitably, so these companies do not want to make a mistake or lose a time and lot of money at the start. That’s why this my service is always maximum customized specifically for your company food products! And I must add that, this is a unique service and I am the only one in Russia who provides it.

For example, if you want to sell your food products to Russia, here is what you will get in this step-by-step strategy:

I will explain you how your products, your company and your website look from a Russian person’s (my) point of view. Will you have to create a separate website for Russia? Or will your current website be enough? A website is one of the most important key success factors when entering Russian food market.

You will get a list of similar products with their characteristics and price ranges on store shelves. So, you will learn about your future competitors.

You will get a list of existing distributors / importers / other types of companies that might be interested in your products since they already have similar products in their portfolios.

You will get a list of existing sales channels with descriptions of advantages and disadvantages of each.

You will get a list of potential obstacles when entering the Russian market in the current situation.

You will get the personal page of your company or your product at Russian language on my website

Translation of your website or presentation of your products into Russian language.

Translation and localization of your products label into Russian language.

THE MOST IMPORTANT – I will develop a step-by-step strategy with an action plan for your company to enter the Russian food market within the timeframe of 12 months. You will see the first results in the first 1-1.5 months and each month your income will only increase.

With this service you will get a clear and comprehensive action plan for the next 12 months. It will contain a list of things to be done each month to achieve a desired result. You will not need to think, you will just need to follow my plan.

Size: 15+ pages.
Time: from 10 to 15 calendar days.
Language: English
Price: 1000 (€) euro.
Method of payment: 50 % prepayment into a bank account. And 50% after I give you all the work done. An official contract is to be signed before any work is started.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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