Auditing food production companies before their purchase or investment.

No doubt a service “Auditing food production companies before their purchase or investments”, is a very complex service to provide. In one audit report I combine both the audit of products produced by my client’s food facility and the audit of the production facility infrastructure – its technical equipment, staff qualifications, relations with customers and suppliers, internal and external security, financial current state and upcoming trends.

Unlike many general profile consultancies or business brokers I specialize in ONLY food industry. So, I do not only audit a food business, I can predict whether this business will be profitable or go bankrupt. Moreover, I can help you avoid potential pitfalls which are not usually mentioned in audit reports done by general consultancies and brokers. If you decide to buy or  invest in food business in Russian I have audited, I will be able to advise and teach you how to deal with possible upcoming problems.

Within one month of buying a business I have audited I continue working with my clients free of charge. In some cases, I keep on servicing a specific business as long as it is needed. Most importantly, when I audit a food company for my client, I conclude the report with my personal answer to the questions: “Will I invest my own money into this project?”.

Time: from 2 working days. It can be done in a day, it can be done in a week, or it can take a month. It all depends on how much more detailed and deep data you want to get.

Price: All food companies are different both in scale and in the number of key employees and in the range of products, therefore prices are always individual. Depending on the goals and objectives of my client. For some, a deeper immersion in all business processes is more important, for some, it is more important to simply reasonably “lower” the seller at a price. The common  price for one day of work, according to the audit of food production before buying or investing from 150 euros + additional costs if this food company is located in another city.

In any case, at the beginning we conclude and sign the contract. Where we determine all the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the deadlines for completing your tasks.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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