Exclusive market research of interest to you food products on the Russian market. 

My service “Exclusive market research of interest to you food products on the Russian market” for those foreign food companies who at the beginning want to study in more deeply  details the situation on the Russian food market in some particular food category and some food products.I can offer you various marketing research options for the Russian market. Both already compiled according to some kind of food, and created according to your requirements. I can also provide you with a customized market research in which you can specify only what specific information you need.

For example, customs statistics on the import of similar foods or only analysis and research of future potential competitors. My team and I are focused on assisting and helping you as much as possible so that the information you receive about the Russian market is the most appropriate and relevant for you. You can see examples of description some marketing researches in a separate section of my website here

Time: from 3 day to 30 days ( depends on your request)
Price: from 500 euro for a specific study of the questions you need and from 1500 euros for a more general and more detailed study.
Language: English (also possible person or Google translate via your native language)

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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