Find to your potential buyers on Russian food markets. Сreation a personal exclusive database.

Service – “Find to your potential buyers on Russian food markets. Сreation a personal exclusive database”, this is exactly the service that I recommend to foreign food companies that do not know how better to start their entry into the Russian food market. Start with the simplest – create a database of your potential clients in Russia and send them directly your commercial offer.

To let your potential partners in Russia recognize your company and your food products. If your products, assortment and price are interesting, then you will immediately receive feedback from Russia. And then there will be only the main question – the quality of your food products. If the quality is suitable for a Russian buyer, then you will get a new business partner in Russia.

The database, create by me,  is compiled manually exclusively for your needs and the specifics of your food product.  I do not sell already created databases to anyone else, each database is exclusive. It is made only for your company and your food products. In the beginning, I carefully study your food product, all its features, advantages and disadvantages. Based on this information I compile a database that will be suitable specifically for the development of your food product on the Russian food market.

You can also specify what type of Russian clients you would like to work with: direct buyers (for example, food retail chains), distributors, importers or wholesale companies.

This service of database creation also includes:
1) Company name, address, email, website, phone, products they produce/sell now.
2) My professional comments about this company that will help in further negotiations.
3) Validation of all websites and emails.
4) Translation of your food products presentation into the Russian language.
5) Creation of cover letters in the Russian language addressed individually to each company.
6) First mailing of your food products presentations addressed personally to of each company. All emails will indicate your company contacts so that buyers can contact you directly.

You can choose any number of companies that you want to see in this database. Usually companies that hire me choose from 50 to 100 companies in one database. However, the final number of companies in your database will depend on your specific food product. Initially, I will always give you advice and recommendations.

Time: from 6 to 10 calendar days.
Language: English
Price:  500 € (euro) per one common database ( having 50 potential contacts in Russia +10 contacts in CIS for free!). If you need more contacts and you want a bigger database, then the price will be 3 euros per one additional contact.
Method of payment: 100% prepayment into a bank account.

p\s If you still doubt, I also can recommend  read follow this link my post about Why should never buy databases for Russian and CIS markets

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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