Finding suppliers on Russian market (food, beverages, agro, raw, fertilizer and etc)

I will say right away that I the way I provide this service differs from how other consultants do that. Having worked with foreign companies from many countries of the world for many years, I know for sure what problems all foreign companies face when they look for suppliers in Russia.

As a Russian hired top manager, I have been personally involved in procurement for more than 10 years and have built my career from a simple purchasing manager to the director of a food holding. Therefore, my service of “Finding suppliers on Russian market” is the maximum  correct one that guarantees you 99% success . I work only in your interests, so that you get the best and stable quality, the right amount and the best price.

What is included in this service?

1 – Research and selection of optimal suppliers of the products you need. I personally prefer working directly with manufacturers and I recommend that to all my clients. It is usually from 5 to 20 companies depending on the product you need.

2 – Find out if there is the right amount and the right quality you need.

3 – I check whether the products of this company can be exported to your country. Many sellers in Russia often forget to tell their foreign buyers that they do not have an export permit, or their products are prohibited for export to your country.

4 – I check the reputation of this company and product quality reviews.

Time: from 3 to 10  work days.
Price: (option 1) 500 ( € ) euro.
Price: (option 2) 100 ( € ) euro. Just contacts of companies in Russia who produce or sell the food  you need. You contact them directly and resolve all issues
Method of payment: 100% prepayment into a bank account. An official contract is to be signed before any work is started.
Language:  English (or Google translation into your native language).

Additionally, I can also offer you – assisting during negotiations (on your side) to get the best prices and conditions and check all the terms of the contract.  I have a degree in law in Russia, so I can verify the correctness of the contract in accordance with the Russian laws.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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