Verification, collection and analysis of information about your business partner in Russia.

If you are going to work or already work with someone in Russia, but you are not very happy with the result, you might have chosen a wrong partner. In my service “Verification, collection and analysis of information about your business partner in Russia”, I offer to you collect all the necessary information about your current or potential Russian partner.  Their business reputation in Russia, market share and position among similar companies. Information about reputation their top managers. In the end, I will give you a full analysis and my recommendations on whether it is worth working with this Russian company / Russian business partner  or not.

If this company is worth dealing with, I will recommend how you can  better present your product. If I see a possible problem you have with this Russian company, I will explain why you should not cooperate with them and provide you with contacts of other similar companies to approach.

If you steel doubt in need of you this my service, i can also read my short post How Russian food companies deceive foreigners and why you should always check your partners in Russia. Before I started my career in food industry 19 years ago, I got two degrees from Russian law universities and worked as an investigator for the Ministry of the Interior, so I know perfectly well how to collect and check information to ensure that it is true.

Time: on average 2 to 5 working days
Language of final report : English (or Google translation into your native language)
Price: 100 ( € ) euro per one person or one company.
Method of payment: 100% prepayment into a bank account. An official contract is to be signed before any work is started.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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