Opening, Localization, Management and Support your food business in Russia.

Unlike foreign food businessmen who want to buy or invest in a food business in Russia, my service “Opening, Localization, Management and Support your food business in Russia” is focused at foreign food businessmen who want to open their own business in Russia from the beginning. Someone plans in Russia grow food and open agro company, someone plans produce food and open food factory, and someone  plans open chain of food stores in Russia.

All these desires are united by the fact that equipment, real estate and a lot of property and personnel will be needed. Therefore, this service is different from the “Your sales office in Russia” service. If you decide to start your own business in Russia,  my 19 years of experience and skills in the Russian food Industry are at your.

For my practice in the Russian food industry, I opened new food plans, opened and managed food stores, opened new food companies. Therefore, I can offer you a complete turnkey launch of your food business in Russia. For example, choose a region with the best tax conditions and availability of raw materials, open a legal entity, recruit professional Russian managers and ordinary employees, obtain the necessary licenses and certificates, select suppliers of raw materials, ingredients and packaging, select\ install and start the necessary equipment, manage build new food workshops or warehouses and etc.

Totally  i can offer to your, turnkey fully open your food business in Russia from the very beginning.  And of course, if you will need, I can further manage your food business or assist you as an adviser.

Price : from 1000  ( €) euro per month.
Method of payment: for the first month 100% prepayment. Further, as usual, payment at the end of the month. An official contract is to be signed before any work is started.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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