Placing and selling your food products on online marketplaces in Russia.

In Russia there are about a hundred different online marketplaces. Usually these are marketplaces for a specific industry. But the  food products it is better to sell through only 4  online Russian marketplaces. My service “Placing and selling your food products on online marketplaces in Russia” offers you the opportunity to list your food products on these online marketplaces and start selling immediately. There will be no need for long negotiations and searches for potential partners in Russia, all visitors to these marketplaces see your food at once and can immediately buy it.  Depending on your food production, Russian marketplaces can become both your main sales channels and additional ones.
The main online marketplaces that I recommend in Russia for selling your food are:

1) Ozone (the oldest online marketplace in Russia) and about 900,000 purchases per day
2) Wildberries – (the largest online marketplace in Russia) – about 2,000,000 purchases per day
3) Yandex Mega market – this service belongs to the Russian IT giant Yandex, appeared not so long ago but has become very popular. An average of 1,000,000 customers per day.

The popularity of online marketplaces is growing in Russia by an average of 40-60% per year. After the start “situation in Ukraine”, it became almost impossible for Russian buyers to buy on foreign world online marketplaces, so the popularity of Russian online marketplaces only continued to grow.

I can offer you various options for accommodation on Russian marketplaces fro your food products, so please contact me for more detailed information.

Warm Regards,
Aleksander Sinyansky
Business Adviser on Russian Food Market

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